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Goodbye fans!

A sad day was made much brighter today by a great turn out from family and friends who came to say a fond farewell to Jim.  A large reception committee awaited our arrival at St. Theresa’s and the numbers doubled at the crem, filling every row. Jim would’ve been embarrassed at all the fuss, but for us it was great to see so many faces, some who have known him from childhood, others from more recent times. We were so pleased to see everyone.

Along with the O’Leary’s, it was great to see family from the McCann side too, so thanks Seamus, Patsy, Sean, Louis, Kathleen and Stephen for making your long journeys to be with us today.

There was also a large contingent from ROC, where Jim worked for 36 years until this Easter.  We know these are difficult times for you. Thank you for being there for Jim.

Our cousin, Father George (a.k.a Martin) Bennett delivered a beautiful service and spoke of his own memories of Jim along with some of ours, helping us to reflect and think about Jim and what he meant to all of us, whether family, workmates or part of his extended ‘family’ from The Towers who  contributed in so many ways – as pallbearers (thanks lads), by holding a collection for a good cause on Jim’s behalf and by sharing your stories and memories with us in the time we spent together today.  A consistent theme was that Jim didn’t take life too seriously and was a major contributor to most of the banter and running jokes – either that or a victim on the receiving end of them. It came as no surprise to learn of Jim’s role in the Great Barr Radical Buddhists and we’re sure he will have enjoyed being at the centre of worship as the Dilemma (rather than Dalai Lama)!

Thanks to each and every one of you. You made us so proud of Jim. Proud to know he was liked, loved and in some cases worshipped by people who surrounded him today as they had in his all too short life.

With sincere best wishes from Jim’s family.

Jimmy O.


Goodbye fans!

Jim's Music 1

Jim's Music 2

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